Class 9 Syllabus

  • Write a composition of about 300 to 350 words from a choice of subjects which will test their ability to: organise, describe, narrate, report, explain, persuade or argue, present ideas coherently with accuracy and precision, compare and contrast ideas and arrive at conclusions, present relevant arguments and use correct style and format.

    The subjects are varied and may be suggested by language or by other stimuli such as pictures. The subjects are so chosen so as to allow the candidates to draw on first-hand experience or to stimulate their imagination. With one subject, a number of suggestions about the content of the composition are given, but the use of the suggestions is optional and you are free to treat the subject in any way.

    The organisation of subject matter, syntax, punctuation, correctness of grammatical constructions and spelling are expected to be appropriate to the mode of treatment required by the subject.

  • Write a letter from a choice of two subjects requiring either a formal or an informal mode of treatment. Suggestions regarding the content of the letter may be given. The layout of the letter with address, introduction, conclusion, etc., forms part of the assessment. Special attention must be paid to the format of the letter with emphasis on vocabulary appropriate to the context.

  • Unseen prose passage of about 450 words is given. Uncommon items of vocabulary, or structure is avoided. One question is set to test vocabulary. You are required to show that you understand the words/phrases in the context in which they have been used.

    A number of questions requiring short answers are also asked on the passage. These questions test your ability to understand the explicit content and organisation of the passage and to infer information, intentions and attitudes from it.


    The last question consist of a summary that will test your ability to distinguish main ideas from supporting details and to extract salient points to re-express them in the form of a summary. You are given clear indications of what you are to summarize and of the length of the summary.

  • Drama and Prose (Short Stories)

    Questions set are central to the text. You are required to show that you have understood the passage and are able to clearly give their interpretation of the questions set, which should be in your own words and relevant to the text.

    Excerpts may be given from the prose and drama texts leading to questions on the specific book.


    A poem, or passages from poems, is given and questions are set to test your response to the poem. The questions focus on the content, understanding and the personal response to the poem as a whole.



    TREASURE TROVE – A collection of ICSE Poems and Short Stories (Evergreen Publications)

    2. POETRY

    1. The Heart of the Tree – Henry Cuyler Bunner
    2. The Cold Within – James Patrick Kinney
    3. The Bangle Sellers – Sarojini Naidu
    4. After Blenheim – Robert Southey
    5. Television – Roald Dahl

    3. PROSE (Short Stories)

    1. Chief Seattle’s Speech
    2. Old Man at the Bridge – Ernest Miller Hemingway
    3. A Horse and Two Goats – R.K. Narayan
    4. Hearts and Hands – O. Henry
    5. A Face in the Dark – Ruskin Bond

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