Class 7



  1. Simple invitations, short paragraphs, letters (formal and informal) applications.
  2. Short compositions based on pictures.
  3. Simple narrative and descriptive pieces, etc.
  4. Creative writing: stories, poems, dialogues, etc.
  5. organise and structure thoughts in writing.
  6. Organise and structure meaningful sentences in a sequential manner.
  7. use of linkers such as ‘firstly’, ‘then’, ‘later’, ‘finally’, etc. to link sentences to indicate passage of time and provide a sense of closure.
  8. Age appropriate use of words and phrases.

Grammar and Vocabulary in Context

1) Phrases and clauses in simple, compound and complex sentences.

2) Active and passive voice.

3) Synonym, antonym and analogy in the right context.

4) Figurative language

5) Age appropriate words and phrases and domain specific vocabulary.

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